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Honolulu Gets First Look at New Transit System Rail Cars

Ansaldo Honolulu Providing First Driverless Rail Transit System in the US  

Honolulu, Hawaii, May 2, 2016 --Today, Honolulu’s Train # 1 was unveiled to the residents of the city at the Rail Operations & Control Center of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART). The four car train, manufactured by Hitachi Rail Italy, is a key component of the first driverless rail transit system in the USA. The transit system is being built in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Honolulu’s Train # 1

Ansaldo Honolulu Joint Venture (AHJV) – a Hawaii partnership between Hitachi Group Companies, Ansaldo STS (ASTS) and Hitachi Rail Italy (HRI) – presented the train to the city of Honolulu and HART.

Train # 1 of this World Class Transit System for Honolulu, was delivered on time. The successful achievement of meeting this deadline, represents another important step forward in the consolidation of Ansaldo STS‘s and Hitachi Rail Italy positions in the USA.

Hitachi Rail Italy is responsible for the design, manufacturing and testing of 20, 4-car driverless trains for the project. “Delivering the first train of this new, wonderful metro,” declares Maurizio Manfellotto, Chief Executive Officer of Hitachi Rail Italy, “not only makes us proud of the work done, but also underscores the quality level reached by the company which I have the privilege to lead. We reached this goal thanks to the intellect of the women and men who work every day in our factories, with consistency and dedication, creating trains that deliver world-class performance.”

Ansaldo STS is responsible for the design, manufacturing, installation and testing of signaling, traction electrification, communications, platform screen gates and other systems, including maintenance and recovery vehicles. “Ansaldo STS provides the technology that will allow the train to move safely,” stated Stefano Siragusa, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Ansaldo STS. “If millions of people move safely, it is due to Ansaldo STS technology that provides the brain and the heart of the trains.”

Ansaldo STS is also responsible for the first 12 years of Operations and Maintenance of the system, which will operate and maintain security of a new generation of trains with the most advanced and proven technologies that have contributed to the success and reputation of Ansaldo STS and Hitachi Rail Italy around the world.