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Strengthening the Structure to Accelerate the Hitachi Group’s Digital Business Globally

Hitachi Launches Hitachi Digital and GlobalLogic Japan to Accelerate Lumada's Global Growth

Tokyo, April 1, 2022 – Hitachi, Ltd. ("Hitachi") announced today that it has reorganized the IT sector, which had been playing the core role of Lumada*1, into the Digital Systems & Services sector in its upcoming Mid-term Management Plan in order to accelerate the digital business of the Hitachi Group on a global basis and further strengthen collaboration with other sectors including the Green Energy & Mobility sector and the Connective Industries sector. To accomplish this, Hitachi has strengthened its structure by launching two new organizations as of April 1.

The first, for the global market, Hitachi Digital,*2 is launched in North America, where the digital domain is growing rapidly. Hitachi Digital will also strengthen cooperation with Hitachi Energy, Hitachi Rail, and other companies to formulate and promote a global digital strategy across the Hitachi Group.

The second, for the Japanese market, where further digital domain growth is expected in the future, GlobalLogic Japan, Ltd. ("GlobalLogic Japan"*3), is established in Japan. GlobalLogic Japan will accelerate the adoption of customers’ Digital Transformation (DX) leveraging Hitachi's strong customer base, and GlobalLogic Inc.'s (“GlobalLogic”*4) Design-led Digital Engineering capabilities.

Through these efforts, Hitachi will strengthen its global digital business, and accelerate Lumada expansion through the growth by DX, furthering its transformation into a global digital company.

*1: Lumada is the name of Hitachi's advanced digital solutions and services for turning data into insights that drive digital transformation of social infrastructure.
*2: Hitachi Digital LLC was renamed from Hitachi Global Digital Holdings LLC with expanding the role and functions of Hitachi Global Digital Holdings, a corporate organization that had previously overseen the digital business of the IT sector.
*3: GlobalLogic Japan is established in Japan as a wholly owned subsidiary of GlobalLogic.
*4: GlobalLogic is a business subsidiary of Hitachi Digital LLC and was acquired by Hitachi last July. Hitachi News Release (July 14, 2021)