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Transportation & Mobility Solutions

Along with governments and industry leaders, Hitachi is helping transportation operators integrate technology and data to build an equitable, connectivity-enabled green mobility ecosystem in the U. S., to improve passenger safety, security, and ease of travel.  

We provide autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems as a systems integrator. In addition, we deliver high-quality products, materials and components for the automotive industry. We also offer fully integrated rail solutions across rolling stock, signaling, operations, service and maintenance, digital technology and turnkey solutions for metros, mass transit and autonomous rail systems.

Hitachi’s IT/OT convergence is leading digital transformation in advanced rail systems and automotive systems to achieve a low-carbon emission society, reduce operational costs and enhance the overall commuting experience, thereby creating a safer and more sustainable transportation infrastructure.

Automotive Solutions
Automotive Solutions

Automotive Solutions

We utilize our technological prowess and industry experience to create sustainable automotive solutions that deliver superior performance and help build a greener, progressive future. At Hitachi, we use advanced processes to manufacture industry-leading automotive materials and components which are used by globally renowned automotive manufacturers.

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