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Redefining EV

Redefining the Transition to Electric Vehicles in the USA

Redefining EV

America is on the verge of its transition to green energy, and the increased adoption of EVs (including in the commercial sector) is central to this push toward carbon neutrality.

To accelerate the spread of EVs in the commercial, public services and mass transit sectors, it’s necessary to lay a robust foundation of charging infrastructure and solutions while building an ecosystem with many partners.

With new EV plants in the United States, Hitachi will be well positioned to help develop the necessary foundation for successful EV adoption in America and beyond.

Hitachi will lead the world in market share for EV motors and inverters. Hitachi started mass producing its 800- volt compatible high-voltage and high-output EV inverters in 2019, and it’s the first company in the world to reach this milestone. In addition, Hitachi established an EV motor factory in Kentucky.

Hitachi is also leveraging its full spectrum of digital and power grid solutions to ease the transition to EV. It has partnered with a number of market leaders in the U.K. to pilot a program that monitors the charging and usage patterns of EV fleets. This information will be used to accelerate the development of robust charging infrastructure. In addition, Hitachi offers a grid-to-plug EV charging system for public transport and commercial fleet operators, ensuring it will play an important role in the development of a nationwide EV infrastructure ecosystem.

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