Hitachi Corporate Office (L.A.): STEM and Sustainability Education Initiative

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Hitachi Corporate Office (L.A.)

Hitachi is committed to realizing a more equitable, prosperous and sustainable society in which the benefits of technology can be enjoyed by all. Working across coasts, group companies and sectors, we are connecting Hitachi employees to their communities to drive positive change. The Los Angeles office, then, is a paradigm for what is possible when a global vision for good inspires civic leadership and local solutions. Our customer is the community, and we are leveraging our innovative technologies and extraordinary employee volunteerism to deliver a cleaner, healthier and smarter future.

Mission Statement

Guided by an abiding belief that technological transformation must put people first, we are working to expand access to technology, improve sustainability education and cultivate the next generation workforce through STEM education initiatives. As catalysts for community progress, we are dedicated to fostering a diverse workforce of the future, equipping them with the necessary STEM skills to succeed in the new economy and achieve a low-carbon society.



We partner with organizations that share our vision, reflect our values and prize diversity and inclusivity. As innovators, we seek out partners pursuing novel STEM and sustainability programs that will inspire the joy of math and science in our youth. We are committed to serving the whole community and are dedicated to working alongside partners focused on engaging underrepresented students, including young women, minorities and students with disabilities.

A Community Action Model: Hitachi SCRCAC

Hitachi’s Southern California Regional Community Action Committee (SCRCAC) is a model of employee mobilization and local corporate social responsibility. Comprised of Hitachi group companies, the SCRCAC has a rich legacy of marshalling its shared resources and volunteer hours to advance STEM and sustainability initiatives in Southern California.

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