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Hitachi aims to meet the expectations of society by achieving innovations that help resolve environmental issues. We hope to address a broad range of environmental challenges in developing our products and services, such as reducing carbon emissions, improving resource efficiency, and minimizing impact on natural capital across the value chain. Guided by an Environmental Vision defining the goals of environmental management from a broader perspective, we announced in September 2016 a set of long-term environmental targets called Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050 to achieve a decarbonized society, a resource efficient society, and a harmonized society with nature.

Our Business

Hitachi group companies are committed to reducing their environmental impact. While all companies aim to reach the goals outlined in Hitachi’s Environmental Innovation 2050, each company approaches the goals in a way that best suits their industry and addresses their own environmental footprint.

In addition to reducing the environmental impact that our operations have on the environment, Hitachi’s businesses are also committed to creating resource efficient, eco-friendly products and services. In particular, Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business utilizes artificial intelligence and data analytics to solve issues that our customers and society face, such as energy and water use.

Environmental Vision and Long-term Environmental Targets

Given the trend of deepening environmental issues in the world and its management policy, Hitachi established its Environmental Vision to clarify the society that it seeks from a long-term perspective. To realize a low-carbon society, resource-efficient society, and a society harmonized with nature, which constitute the society set forth by its Environmental Vision, Hitachi established long-term environmental targets called Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050.

Environmental Vision

Hitachi will resolve environmental issues and achieve both a higher quality of life and a sustainable society through its Social Innovation Business in collaborative creation with its stakeholders.

The aim of Hitachi's environmental management

Long-term Environment Targets: Hitachi Environmental Innovation 2050

Environmental Action Plan

  • To achieve its Long-term Environmental Targets, Hitachi sets indicators and targets every 3 years.

Environmental Action Plan


Business Solution

Protecting Environment

Hitachi Environmental Vision 2050 is to create a decarbonized society by reducing our overall burden on the planet. As part of this vision, Hitachi employees regularly volunteer in regional and national environment preservation activities.

Apart from supporting community clean-ups and sponsoring environmental education initiatives, our workforce dedicates time and effort to raise funds and create awareness for environmental concerns.

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