Hitachi is Driving Decarbonization and Unlocking Economic Opportunity

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Hitachi is Driving Decarbonization and Unlocking Economic Opportunity
Why is it important to invest in our planet?

Why Is It Important to Invest in Our Planet?

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Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

At Hitachi, we consider UN-established sustainable development goals crucial to realizing a sustainable society and improving people’s quality of life. We are committed to contributing toward achieving SDGs by leveraging our Social Innovation Business and driving global sustainability across industries and society.

As a global conglomerate, we believe that our actions should not only fulfil our financial objectives but also contribute toward improving social and environmental impact. Our sustainability commitment encompasses our ongoing activities toward environmental, social and governance issues. We also understand how all the SDGs are mutually related, and through innovative digital and industrial solutions, we will keep contributing toward the success of all 17 UN SDGs, directly and indirectly.

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UN established Sustainable Development Goals

Ongoing Sustainability Activities in the US


Learn how Hitachi Social Innovation Business is resolving challenges and improving peoples’ quality of life across the globe.


Hitachi Group companies maintain relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, recognizing how these relationships add to our overall corporate value as well as the development of the economy.


We strive to minimize the environmental impacts of our business operations and the products that we develop.

Our Global Contribution

Hitachi is collaborating with businesses and governments to advance activities that contribute to sustainability on a global level.