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Hitachi is committed to meet its responsibility to respect human rights and labor practices by not trespassing on human rights and respecting the international labor practices. At Hitachi, we believe that diversity is the fountainhead of our growth and innovation, and thus, recognize personal differences- gender, sexual orientation, work history, nationality, and philosophy- as elements of people’s individuality. We cognize human rights to be, at a minimum, those defined in the International Bill of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Being a company that procures its raw materials, products and services from suppliers in different regions of the world, Hitachi follows strict Guidelines for Procurement Activities. The guidelines are in sync with United Nations Global Compact and cover the elimination of discrimination in employment and occupation, the rejection of all forms of child and forced labor, and environmental protection activities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is the wellspring of our innovation and our growth engine. Hitachi regards personal differences—gender, nationality, work history, age, sexual orientation, and philosophy—as facets of people’s individuality. By respecting our employees’ individualities and positioning them as an advantage, Hitachi frames its diversity and inclusion as conducive to both the individual’s and the company’s sustainable growth. With strong teamwork and broad experience in the global market, we will meet our customers’ needs.

Human Rights

As our value chain expands on a global scale, we find diverse working environments, business norms, and trade practices in countries and regions around the world, and this has highlighted the need to ensure respect for human rights in our operations. Society’s awareness of human rights issues is also rising, and companies are expected to address human rights issues in accordance with such international standards as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Companies are now being asked not only to respect human rights in their own activities but also to avoid becoming complicit in the human rights infringements of their suppliers and customers.

In carrying out our business, Hitachi recognizes human rights as a key management issue. On the basis of this awareness, we will respect the human rights of all stakeholders, including our own employees and across the supply chain, in every country and region where we operate. We are also engaged in raising awareness of human rights and promoting the use of grievance mechanisms to address employee concerns throughout the Hitachi Group. At the same time, we are strengthening human rights due diligence and expanding the scope of other human-rights-related activities.

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