2014 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

2014 Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

In April 2014, Hitachi was a sponsor of the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit. The theme of this year’s summit was Phase Change: New Business Models, New Market Structures. Given the profound changes taking place in the energy sector, this year’s summit was more important than ever. The event gathered over 1,000 senior executives, thought leaders, policy makers, financial executives and industry professionals to talk about how to meet society’s increasing demands for energy.

Uninterrupted electrical power generation is essential to industrial development and daily life alike. Hitachi is developing power-generation systems that maximize the efficient use of resources while minimizing their environmental burden. Our technologies increase the efficiency of both conventional power generation facilities, such as nuclear power plants, and renewable energy technologies, including solar power and wind power. We're also actively developing control systems that support the stable supply of energy from renewable energy power systems. Hitachi executives from Hitachi Consulting and Hitachi America, Ltd. were interviewed at the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit and talked about some of Hitachi’s solutions in the energy sector.

Energy Resilience

In this video Hitachi Consulting Manager, Brian Levite speaks about energy resilience and the challenges we face from our increasingly unstable energy infrastructure.

Hitachi's All-In-One Container-type Energy Storage System

In this video, Hitachi discusses its first North American 1MW Lithium-Ion Demonstration Project with its partner, DemanSys, using the CrystEna all-in-one energy storage package.

Friday, April 18, 2014