Hitachi at ASE 2017


Hitachi Healthcare is Redefining the Vision for Cardiovascular Ultrasound at ASE 2017

Premium cardiac and vascular imaging rose to a new standard as Hitachi Healthcare Americas introduced the new premium 2D and 3D cardiovascular ultrasound system, the LISENDO 880, at the American Society of Echocardiography Scientific Sessions (ASE2017) on June 3rd. The LISENDO 880 created a lot of interest and excitement from the cardiology clinicians attending the conference as they saw for themselves how Hitachi Healthcare is Redefining the Vision for Cardiac Ultrasound.

The LISENDO 880 took center stage as news spread quickly throughout the event about our new system and technologies. The conference brought 2200 echocardiography-focused clinicians together in Baltimore for a week of learning about advances in cardiology ultrasound imaging. This provided an exceptional opportunity to launch our new platform and our booth welcomed many of ASE2017 attendees who were interested in the LISENDO 880 and our advances in hemodynamics.

During the conference, Hitachi’s hemodynamic innovations were highlighted in five abstracts that focused on three of our unique technologies, Vector Flow Mapping (VFM), Dual Gate Doppler and LV eFlow. These abstracts provided further clinical evidence for use of these features. In addition, Dr. Ahmad from UTMB Hitachi presented our collaborative study at the Echovation challenge. This was quite an honor as we were one of five finalist teams to be chosen to present our ‘Echovation’. LV eFlow was front and center for this presentation and created a large amount of interest from cardiologists. LV eFlow is a single button solution to opacify the left ventricle without the use of contrast, providing visualization of the endocardium of the left ventricle. This groundbreaking, non-invasive feature is providing clinicians with an alternative to contrast in some cases and has been shown to save time and cost for echo labs.


Other equally impressive investigations underscored our commitment to hemodynamics in cardiology imaging with clinical evidence data around our unique VFM and Dual Gate Doppler technologies. VFM is Hitachi's unique, advanced hemodynamic technology that demonstrates flow dynamics in the heart using a collection of analytics. VFM includes hemodynamic quantification and visualization of Velocity Vectors, Streamline, Energy Loss, Wall Shear Stress, Vorticity, and Circulation. Dual Gate Doppler lets you see Doppler and TDI waveforms from two separate locations during the same heart cycle eliminating beat-to-beat variations, such as experienced in patients with an arrhythmia.

Our AI fueled analytics, HDSI (HemoDynamic Structural Intelligence) elicited a big response from attendees, surpassing their expectations for automated analysis. We were able to show how HDSI analytics enables the user to automatically measure cardiac anatomy, including fully automated volumes in the LV, LA, and RA, and automated Teichholz measurements in 2D or M-Mode. Additionally, our Doppler Cursor Assist uses AI to identify MV flow and Annulus placement automatically. And finally, our feature Beat Mode brings all of these together by automatically finding the ED/ES frames, bringing the user to the precise time for analysis.



The LISENDO 880 Cardiovascular Ultrasound system provides a premium 2D and 3D diagnostic ultrasound solution for cardiology and vascular clinical settings with a comprehensive set of exceptional clinical performance technologies and features.

PURE IMAGE TECHNOLOGY is the focus of our LISENDO 880 Pure Symphonic Architecture. The new S121 introduces an innovation in transducer architecture to provide improved balance between both penetration and resolution. It utilizes a single crystal design with a frequency range of 1-5MHz. A high performance OLED monitor moves our display performance to the forefront. Along with premium image optimization parameters, such as eFocus and advanced signal to noise ratio enhancements produce an outstanding image.

For a SEAMLESS WORKFLOW, The LISENDO 880 was designed to provide maximum scanning comfort with flexible positioning, including an adjustable panel height and a monitor with a four-point articulating arm and an operation panel that enables ergonomic function adjustment as a part of our intuitive user interface. The Protocol Assistant allows you to move through your study protocol efficiently with automated progressions of modes, measurements, and annotations. AI fuels our Hemodynamic Structural Intelligence (HDSI) technology for a comprehensive set of automated analytics to help enhance examination efficiency.

YOUR APPLICATION is built with features such as dynamic 3D imaging, Vector Flow Mapping (VFM), LV eFlow, Dual Gate Doppler, 2DTT, Eyeball EF, Stress, Free Angular M-Mode (FAM), Contrast Harmonic Imaging (CHI), and DICOM networking to provide solutions for your most difficult clinical challenges and are included with every LISENDO 880 ultrasound system. Our Cardiac 3D technology offers Bi-Plane Imaging, 3D Zoom, Active 3D, and Wide Angle 3D live imaging to provide a comprehensive set of data for your 3D and 4D cardiac evaluation and analysis. Additionally, advanced applications like eTracking, Wave Intensity, Flow Mediated Dilatation (FMD), and Transmit Time of Vessel Flow (TVF) are available and move hemodynamic evaluations beyond the basics.

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Saturday, June 3, 2017