Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016

Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016

The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2016 in North America took place on November 15th 2016 at The Fairmont Hotel & at Hitachi’s new Global Center for Social Innovation in Santa Clara, California. This HSIF, which was presented as an R&D Symposium with the theme, “Transforming the Future: IoT Insights & Innovations” focused on Hitachi’s vision of Social Innovation in our lives, our businesses, and our industries by convening with visionary and strategic thinkers who together will shape the future of IoT.

In welcoming the 108 customers who participated in the November HSIF, Chief Executive for the Americas of Hitachi, Ltd. and CEO of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation, Ryuichi Otsuki made the following statement in his welcoming remarks:

Ryuichi Otsuki - Chief Executive for the Americas & CEO of HDS

The promise and potential of IoT is pushing the frontier of technology and presenting new ways to lead the world toward innovation that effectively addresses global challenges such as building safer, more secure cities, driving better healthcare outcomes, and applying the insights of Big Data to develop more efficient energy solutions. This social innovation goal is central to Hitachi’s vision of the future. We are also opening the doors to the Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation as well, so that you may experience firsthand Hitachi’s latest R&D innovations both in the US and from Japan. You will also experience real world IoT–centric innovations in cities, healthcare, energy, and industrial, all based on Hitachi’s new core IoT platform, Lumada. We hope witnessing the realization of our vision will serve as spark of inspiration for both you and your organization.

Ryuichi Otsuki
Chief Executive for the Americas of Hitachi, Ltd. and
CEO of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation



The Hitachi Social Innovation Forum featured one of the largest gatherings of Hitachi senior management, including Executive Chairman Hiroaki Nakanishi, General Manager for Hitachi’s Central Research Laboratory Dr. Norihiro Suzuki, Corporate Chief Scientist, Research & Development Group Dr. Kazuo Yano, as well as numerous leaders from industry, academia, government and research institutions.

Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business has enabled the company to focus on the major issues and challenges facing the world, in areas such as healthcare, safety and security, infrastructure, and sustainable water and energy resources.

Experiential Tour at the Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation

The experiential tour provided an IoT innovation experience first-hand as innovators cycled through a fast paced circuit of innovation as it was created and brought to life by strategic thinkers at both Hitachi and their customer organizations. Demonstrations showed how companies own their Internet of Things futures, and how IoT imagined became real Smart Energy, Smart City, Smart Healthcare and Smart Industry solutions.

With the brainpower of the IoT platform, Hitachi’s robots can access real-time data, communicate with one another and work alongside us to improve people’s lives.

Since 2005 Hitachi has continued to develop human symbiotic robots to provide necessary services. Hitachi has developed a clever, interactive robot named EMIEW to provide customer and guidance services. At the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum, innovators had the chance to meet EMIEW in person. EMIEW interacted with the audience and discussed the Robotics IT Platform and introduced everyone to its configuration and main features.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tour Showcase:

  • Hitachi Co-Creation Process: NEXPERIENCE SPACE, Cyber PoC
  • Urban: Public Safety & Connected Car
  • Natural Resource: Oil and Gas & Mining
  • Energy: Renewable Energy
  • Industry: Predictive Maintenance & Optimized Factory
  • Healthcare: Predictive Medicine
  • Core Technologies supporting Social Innovation Business: Hitachi Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Security & Blockchain

Ask the Experts Panel Discussion

Developing Robust Ecosystems for Collaborative Innovation and Co-Creation was addressed among five panelists, featuring an opening presentation on Hitachi’s Lumada IoT Platfrom.


Dr. Umeshwar Dayal

Senior Vice President and Senior Fellow – Big Data Lab R&D

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Kevin Eggleston

General Manager – Americas

Hitachi Insight Group

Rich Rogers

Senior Vice President,

IoT Products & Technologies Hitachi Insight Group

Mark Simoncelli

Global Vice President

Frost & Sullivan

Ken Wood

Vice President

Pentaho Labs, a Hitachi Group Company

The social innovation forum ignited forward thinking and brought together business leaders from global industries to share their unique perspectives and brainstorm the IoT opportunities being created by the convergence of industries such as Automotive and Transportation, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial, Smart Cities, and Information Technologies.

Concurrent Sessions

Interactive sessions were held with fellow innovators to capture the power of their voices, insights and experiences in a group environment to discuss and explore the issues at hand:



Smart Cities (public safety, big city analytics, connected transportation)

This session discussed how Smart Cities –broadly defined as planned cities that incorporate information and communication technology to enhance quality, performance, and comprehensive management of urban services – will play a critical role in our collective sustainable future.



Vice President, Public Safety & Visualization Solutions

Hitachi Data Systems.

Phil Townsend

Senior Vice President Global Solutions & Innovation

Hitachi Consulting

Roberta Gamble


Frost & Sullivan



Smart Health (care delivery transformation)

This session discussed the issues confronting “smart health” –particularly the current state where our healthcare analytics capabilities far exceed our ability to interact and utilize this deeper knowledge to have a bigger impact on healthcare outcomes.


Bill Burns

President & General Manager, Innovation & Information Division

Hitachi Healthcare Americas

Abhay Mehta

Vice President, Fellow and Chief Strategist, Healthcare, Big Data Lab, R&D

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Dr. Richard Goldstein

Chief Executive Officer

RGI Informatics

Dorman Followwill

Senior Partner

Frost & Sullivan



Digital Energy (microgrids, energy efficiency solutions)

This session explored the new digital solutions that are transforming the energy value chain – enabling increased resiliency, lower energy costs and cleaner energy in a rapidly changing market that is managing multiple issues and challenges.


CO-FACILITATORS: Chandrasekar Venkatraman

Principal Research Scientist

Global Center for Social Innovation

Robert Lively

IT Manager

Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency Hitachi Consulting

Farah Saeed

Senior Principal Consultant

Frost & Sullivan



Industrial IoT (predictive maintenance)

In this session, powerful voices in Industrial IoT will discuss how Hitachi is building solutions to help enterprises increase operational efficiency across various verticals.



Chief Data Scientist and Architect

Hitachi America, Ltd.

Gaurav Bora

Senior Director, IoT Products and Technologies

Hitachi Insight Group

Krishna Srinivasan

Global President

Frost & Sullivan